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Protection Pot Intention Gift Set

Protection Pot Intention Gift Set

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Just in time for Valentine's Day. Our Protection Pot is valued over $1000 and includes:

  • 2 Protection Tea Light Candles made with Tiger's Eye Chips, Jasmine Flowers and Sage Leaves.
  • 1 Tourmaline Raw Nugget Pendant with adjustable cord (~17.5 to 23 inches). Pendant size ~ 17 mm long x 10 mm wide. Black Tourmaline is the epitome stone for protection. It serves as a guide through challenging times, and a beacon of light in confronting fears.
  • 1 Labradorite Manifestation Pen (Black Ink). A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance.
  • 1 Mini Hematite Slab (~0.75 inches).Hematite is a stone for the mind. It provides protection, strength, alertness, agility, stamina and guidance in the face of adversity.Hematite also absorbs negative energy preventing it from affecting the physical body.
  • Triple Protection Stretch Bracelet. Bracelet stretches to fit wrist sizes ranging from 6 to 6.5 inches. It is made with ~8mm diameter Obsidian, Hematite and Tiger's Eye Beads.
  • 1 Mini Clear Quartz Point (~1 inch). Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of the other crystals.
  • 1 Obsidian Heart (~1.25 inches). A strongly protective stone, it forms a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from the environment.
  • 1 Shungite Tower (~2.5 to 3 inches). As a purification stone, Shungite can be used to clear the aura and energies of all impurities. It works perfect for cleansing rituals, and energy alignments. It can be used to block attacks from the spiritual realm, from evil eye, or spell work. Its high electric conductivity makes it a powerful conduit to be used in Reiki wands to increase the direction of energy flow.
  • 1 Smoky Quartz Point (~1.5 inches). Smoky Quartz harnesses the master healing qualities of clear quartz, and the protective qualities of the dark side of it. This stone of power was said to carry a balance of power to balance the inner God and Goddess energy within us all. The dark side of the crystal transmutes negative energy, and cloaks you from negative energies like radiation from technologies, and negative vibes from naysayers
  • 1 FREE Blue Sage Smudge Stick

Packaged in a complimentary keepsake ceramic pot (designs/patterns vary).

Please note: These are natural genuine gemstones sourced from minerals. Therefore, stones may have tiny flaws and inclusions. Additionally, cutting and polishing may result in each stone varying in colour tones, shapes and sizes. Price quoted is for ONE Gift Set.

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Loving it 😍

Everything arrived quickly and with a warm smile :)

All items were beautifully packaged :)

I love everything about me item :)

I couldn’t find a contract number for the store so I had to give 4 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 out of 5 stars

All in all I love my new crystals :)