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Feel Zen Crystal Kit

Feel Zen Crystal Kit

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Because we all know, that life, lately, has been very different to what we consider "normal", our Feel Zen Crystal Kit, is a perfect starting point if you're aiming to take better care of your mental well being.

This carefully curated kit, is ideal if you or someone you know struggles with anxiety or requires support in healing, or both.

The Feel Zen Kit comes with:

  • Lepidolite: The Stone of Peace, Lepidolite brings deep emotional healing, soothing and reducing stress and depression. It connects with the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakra, which assists in the release and reorganisation of old behavioural and thought patterns, gently inducing change. Lepidolite brings hope and optimism during transitions in life, allowing the person to trust that everything will ultimately work out for the best.
  • Sodalite: The Stone of Mental Strength, Sodalite blocks feelings of anxiety, stress and being overly frantic when used on a regular basis. It is the perfect stone to let go of unwanted feelings, and negative emotions and thought before they destroy one’s mental and overall health balance. It has healing properties that assist with self-expression, self-confidence and creativity. 
  • Rose Quartz: The Stone of Love, Rose Quartz is associated with positive feelings of love, self-acceptance and warmth. If you are someone that has trouble accepting yourself or who struggles with feelings of self-doubt, loneliness and generally feeling unloved, then rose quartz is the perfect crystal for your needs. The love you seek will show up first in yourself and you will soon recognise that it it all around you. 
  • Sunstone: The Stone of Happiness, Sunstone inspires good nature and the enjoyment of life. It is the go-to mood-boosting crystal since it has a warm, happy energy just like the sun. Sunstone is also a wonderful Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus stone, which promotes creativity, positivity and motivation. 
  • Fluorite: The Stone of Balance, Fluorite is an excellent all-around healing stone. It can help to cleanse all of the chakras and bring your energy back into balance, making Fluorite a wonderful stone for meditation. Fluorite not only promotes feelings of calm, but also provides clarity allowing you to view life objectively. If you’re feeling “off”, chaotic, or emotionally unstable, Fluorite can help bring you back to center.
  • Smoky Quartz: The Stone of Optimism, Smoky Quartz is an amazing grounding stone and a fantastic choice for releasing negative energy from your auric field. It is a valuable support for recovery from traumatic events or illness, and the anxiety that can be prevalent after such events. It releases deep-seated fear and stresses, expanding one’s personal space and growth. Smoky quartz stimulates good self image and strengthens positive personality traits including the ability to get along with others.
Also included:
  • Meditation Tealight Candle: Alleviate anxiety, promote emotional tranquillity and bring calmness and feelings of relaxation. Grapefruit scented to boost your mood and revitalize your mindset.
  • Palo Santo Incense Stick: When burned, Palo Santo releases a fragrant smoke which many believe to uplift energy and aid in spiritual purification. Use it to promote calm, relieve stress and dispel misfortune. Burn it before meditation, to clear thoughts or focus concentration.

Add-ons: Add a Hematite Bracelet to take your zen feeling with you throughout the day!

  • Hematite Bracelet: The Stone of the Mind, Hematite has a unique ability to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as a host of other mental blocks such as lack of concentration and mental fog. It is a powerful support stone for beginners. Not only is it highly protective, Hematite can improve your ability to become purposive and direct with your actions and decisions. It also provides courage and the inner fortitude necessary for pursuing desires and passions in life. If you feel that you want to improve your life by being more headstrong and confident in the things you want to do, look no further than hematite. Hematite is recommended for people who wish to establish physical equilibrium and healing. If you are always tired and fatigued and feel that your body needs an energetic lift, go for hematite. Hematite is also ideal for balancing the various energy meridians of the body. The meridians regulate the flow of chi or life force throughout the body. By bringing them back to a more balanced state, your life force will normalize.


  • Meditate with them
  • Carry them with you 
  • Feng Shui your home
  • Create a crystal grid

Size: Average size per nugget is ~0.75 to 1.25 inches. Bracelets come in one standard size, stretching to fit wrist sizes ranging from 6 inches (loose fit) to 7 inches (snug fit).

Authenticity Guaranteed! These are genuine, natural crystals sourced from minerals. Crystals will have natural imperfections (fractures, chips, hollow parts) and other natural inclusions. Cutting and polishing will also result in each crystal varying in colour tones, shapes, patterns and sizes.

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