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Forever Stoned TT

Energy Cleansing Bundle

Energy Cleansing Bundle

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Clear yourself of negative energy, liven up stagnant spaces and charge your crystals with our Energy Cleansing bundle.


* Cleanses negativity
* Cleanses the air
* Improves sleep
* Removes tension
* Uplifts mood
* Increases positive energy
* Resets the mood

Palo Santo
* Promotes health & well being
* Cleanses & purifies space
* Enhances creativity
* Brings good fortune

* Protects from outside energy
* Calms & soothes
* Helps increase energy
* Invites serenity into your space when places in your home
* Cleanses and charges other crystals

Size: Each stick varies in dimensions but most are ~4 inches long.

Please note: As this is a natural product, please expect some variations. No pesticides were used in the growing or processing of this plant. Price quoted is for ONE Energy Cleansing Bundle.

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