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Double Terminated Gemstone Pendants

Double Terminated Gemstone Pendants

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Available in the following options:

  • Genuine Natural Black Obsidian - Clarity, Protection, Self-Control
  • Genuine Natural Labradorite - Intuition, Creativity, Awakening
  • Genuine Natural Clear Quartz - Protection, Purification, Manifestation
  • Genuine Natural Howlite - Calm, Self Awareness, Openness
  • Genuine  Natural Hematite - Grounding, Balance, Protection
  • Genuine Dyed Lapis Lazuli - Truth, Confidence, Contentment
  • Genuine Natural Tiger's Eye - Protection, Prosperity, Balance
  • Genuine Natural Amethyst - Peace, Spirituality, Purifying
  • Genuine Natural Rose Quartz - Love, Peace, Acceptance
  • Genuine Natural Green Aventurine - Opportunity, Comfort, Abundance
  • Genuine Natural Moss Agate - Growth, New Beginnings, Abundance
  • Genuine Natural Rhodonite - Forgiveness, Compassion, Acceptance
  • Genuine Natural Sodalite - Perception, Purifying, Awakening
  • Genuine Natural Convoluted Red Jasper - Vitality, Focus, Grounding
  • Genuine Natural Snowflake Obsidian - Purification, Grounding, Balance. This stone is made of Black Obsidian and a type of Quartz called Cristobalite.
  • Genuine Natural Kiwi Jasper - Elevating, Balancing, Nurturing. Sometimes known as Sesame Jasper, this stone is a combination of Amazonite, Quartz and Black Tourmaline.
  • Genuine Natural Zebra Jasper - Motivating, Mood Lifting, Energetic
  • Genuine Natural Pink Opal - Renewal, Acceptance, Love
  • Genuine Natural Blue Spot Stone - Purification, Unity, Communication
  • Genuine Natural Red Tiger's Eye - Balance, Empowering, Clarity
  • Genuine Natural Unakite - Forgiveness, Compassion, Acceptance
  • Genuine Natural Leopard Skin Jasper - Strength, Stability, Harmony
  • Genuine Natural Dalmatian Jasper - Composing, Grounding, Nurturing
  • Genuine Natural Kambaba Jasper - Calming, Wisdom, Courage 
  • Genuine Natural Crazy Lace Agate - Optimism, Stability, Harmony
  • Genuine Natural Yellow Jade - Self Confidence, Courage, Abundance. This stone is not a true jade or jadeite stone; instead it is a trade name for a Cloudy Quartz with a pale to mid-dark yellow coloration--sometimes all in the same piece. 
  • Genuine Natural Rhodochrosite - Compassion, Love, Comfort
  • Genuine Natural Pyrite - Prosperity, Negativity, Protection
  • Genuine Natural Peace Jade - Tranquility, Serenity, Peace. This stone is made of White Quartz, Green Serpentine and occasionally Lavender Stitchtite.
  • Genuine Natural Red Aventurine - Manifestation, Creativity, Good Luck
  • Genuine Natural Dragon Blood Jasper - Courage, Strength, Vitality
  • Genuine Natural Lepidolite - Emotional Balance, Acceptance, Trust
  • Genuine Natural Tiger Iron - Focus, Mental Clarity, Stamina. This stone consists of banded layers of Hematite, Red Jasper and Tiger Eye.
  • Genuine Natural White Jade - Love, Success, Peace. White Jade is a type of Tremolite Jade which is a variety of Nephrite.
  • Genuine Rainbow Hematite - Grounding, Balance, Protection. When Hematite mixes with Goethite it is called Rainbow Hematite. It has an iridescent multicolored surface. It takes its iridescent look from the aluminium phosphate particles. This stone iridescent surface was also artificially enhanced.
  • Genuine Natural Mookaite - Awareness, Healing, Intuition. Colours vary from brown to red to yellow. 
  • Genuine Natural Fluorite - Focus, Purification, Protection. Colours vary from green to purple to mixed.
  • Genuine Natural Red Jasper - Passion, Insight, Stimulation
  • Genuine Opalite - Persistence, Strength, Success. Opalite is a trade name for man-made opalescent glass and various opal and moonstone simulants.
  • Genuine Natural Bronzite - Courage, Harmony, Grounding

Size: Genuine Natural Gemstones. Pendant size ~1.25 inches. Pendants bails are plated with a platinum colour alloy. Metals are NOT tarnish resistant. Each pendant comes with ONE FREE wax corded clasp necklace (~17.5 inches).

Please note: These are natural gemstones sourced from minerals. Therefore, stones may have tiny flaws such as fractures, chips and irregular shapes. Additionally, cutting and polishing may result in each stone varying in colour tones, shapes and sizes. Some gemstones, such as amethyst and rose quartz can vary from being very pale to deep in colour. These photos are just a representation of the type of gemstones available and their quality. The actual product received will vary in appearance from what is advertised in these photos. Price is quoted for ONE pendant.

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Love my gems!!!