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7 Chakra Charm Bracelet

7 Chakra Charm Bracelet

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Our 7 Chakra Charm Bracelet provides peaceful healing energy, bringing strong power in wisdom, wealth, happiness, life, health, protection and love. The 7 crystals heal the 7 chakras of body:

  1. Root - Red Agate
  2. Sacral - Carnelian
  3. Solar Plexus - Tiger's Eye
  4. Heart - Green Aventurine
  5. Throat - Lapis Lazuli
  6. Third Eye - Amethyst
  7. Crown - Clear Quartz

Material & Size: Bracelets come in one standard size, stretching to fit wrist sizes ranging from 6 inches (loose fit) to 7 inches (snug fit). Custom sizes are not available. Bead size ~ 8mm with alloy plated charms. Charms are NOT tarnish resistant. Please note there are natural variations in colour tones, shapes and patterns of each bead.

Packaging: Complimentary gift pouch.

Please note: These are genuine natural gemstones sourced from minerals. Therefore, beads may have tiny flaws and inclusions. Additionally, cutting and polishing may result in each bead varying in colour tones, shapes and sizes. Price quoted is for ONE bracelet.

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Aaliyah Serville

I’m Madlyyyy Obsessed With This Bracelet I’ll Definitely Be Shopping Again Very Very Soon🥹🥹